Philosophy on Environment

“As industry leaders we have a moral & social responsibility and increasingly a legal responsibility for looking after our environment. We must develop our own code of practice to safeguard fish stocks, ensure animal welfare and look after our agricultural lands.

A vision that can provide both profitability and peace of mind along with a selfish attitude of ensuring that we will continue to be able to obtain quality produce for years to come.”

Jason Danciger
Publican Conference
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

The above paragraph probably adequately sums up a lifetimes passion of caring for our environment, of buying quality produce from sustainable resources and serving the best possible offer this country and the world has to offer.




Wherever possible try & buy from a sustainable resource avoid farmed fish unless you yourself have been to the farm and ensured yourself that the fish are fed on natural products and live in good conditions.

One of my mentors; Albert Roux, used to talk for hours about ‘happy chickens’ – He was right! Animals that live and are fed naturally [thus happy] do taste better and allow me to sleep at night. I rarely buy meat without first visiting the farms and abattoirs ensuring that the animals are respected and live without fear, malnutrition or suffer ring until their last breath.

Fruit & Vegetables
Wherever possible I’ll buy GM free and prefer produce that has not travelled too far ensuring that they taste and smell fresh. For that reason I favour local suppliers who look after there land and use chemicals highly sparingly.

Ensure the growers earn a fair living so that they can continue growing good quality beans.

Please look at my links page to find some of my friends who share my passion for good produce and contact them and make a difference – whilst you still can.